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For further information see: Table of Contents and Introduction. Covers Centaurus, Cepheus and Cetus. For further information see: Table of Contents and Foreword. For further information see: Table of Contents. Annals of the Deep Sky melds through-the-eyepiece observing with up-to-date 21st century astrophysics. Its highly readable format should appeal to observers and non-observers alike. To the novice, it provides guidance and inspiration, offering both basic background and knowledge to grow with.

It provides enrichment for established amateurs, pointing out new directions to pursue. And it offers an up-to-date, one-stop astrophysical reference for advanced observers who aspire to contribute to science. MacRobert began his review of Annals of the Deep Sky. Someday, I was sure, the next heir would be born to a long and distinguished literary line founded years ago: big, chatty, history- and science-rich guidebooks for telescope enthusiasts, arranged alphabetically by constellation.

Carrying the line forward were Reverend T. Annals of the Deep Sky is even more ambitious. Representative binary star orbits. The orbital configurations of five binary stars illustrate the variety of appearance and orientations observed. The orbits at the top depict binary stars that can be resolved visually by amateur observers, with orbital periods lasting centuries.

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The orbits at the bottom much enlarged relative to the visual binaries are detectable only through spectroscopy, and have much shorter orbital periods, indicating that each pair is much closer. Zeta Aurigae is an Algol-type eclipsing binary, where the scale of the orbit is similar to the size of the primary star, A.

Deep-sky | Definition of Deep-sky by Merriam-Webster

Annals is by far the most up-to-date and comprehensive observing guide available today, featuring in-depth astrophysical profiles of the major stars and deep-sky objects by constellation. Volumes 1 and 2 cover the constellations Andromeda through Caelum. Come on in! Feel free to post observing reports, pictures and experiences right here.

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